az Personalkonzepte


“If half our life is spent working, then it should be twice as much fun!“ For over 30 years this slogan has summed up the existence and work of the highly successful human resources company az GmbH Personalkonzepte in Berlin and Hamburg.

And for many years now ad modum has been applying a splash of colour. In 2015 we helped to redesign and relaunch the brand, and together we put the new website online. We continue to successfully distance ourselves from the competition and, instead of a blue-grey “seriousness”, we place the emphasis on this brand’s colourful approach to life and work. And this is more than “just“ serious – it has also been very successful. In a very evident and lasting way, any reservations among the wide-ranging clientele of az have been effectively and measurably overcome.

The new website is now ready for mobile use – the keyword being: Mobile Recruiting!

Putting faces to the names: the az business cards “embody” the personal requirements of each individual. What would otherwise be a standard printed item becomes an emotive and attention-grabbing means of communication!

Further refinements to the typography and graphic design of the brand were introduced in 2015, with eye-catching design features in both the online and offline versions.

Our design relaunch has updated and improved many details, but without compromising the colourful foundations of the brand.

Everything has become more natural, more rounded, giving the icons for the individual brand departments a greater maturity.