The decentralised energy management of the future

beegy is the new “how to” word for the energy market. It represents a personal energy transition and a new level of independence. It marks the digital redistribution of clean solar power. Since the start of 2016 ad modum has worked with beegy to develop a brand that is likable, smart and simple. A start-up with concentrated experience in the energy sector.

Alongside ad modum, beegy has taken a courageous evolutional leap. It has developed an image that really expresses the company’s values: mobility, modernity and a sense of life. It is a brand for the start of the third millennium, the digital age.

beegy is not capitalised. That has always been the case. There is no alternative.

The beegy brand received a complete facelift in image terms.

The responsive website is the gravitational centre of our future branding cosmos.

Image brochure – still irreplaceable for sales

Flyer for sales support

Advertisement in a newspaper insert

Quarter page in a daily newspaper

beegy@OBI: promotional house in a DIY store

beegy offers a complex product – the perfect task for an explanatory film