Harzer Grauhof

... with best wishes from the Harz!

In one of Germany’s most beautiful landscapes – yes, we mean the Harz! – the sources of “Harzer Grauhof Mineralbrunnen” are located. A high quality water and characterized by an even greater consumer confidence … but a little dusty, in sleeping beauty slumber many years.

That we have now changed: from the label on all brochures and flyers, POS and sales promotion to the website ad modum “touched”, everything, revised, smoothed, modernized … sometimes radically turned upside down. Incidentally, in the area of product innovation with a soft drink called “Rotkehlchen” – you have to try it. Nomen est omen!

The Harz Grauhof has a new face: Natural, fresh, alive. The development of a new corporate design is one of our favourite tasks – especially when the new CD is then also be seen everywhere.

Besides the development of logo, typography, colour-coding and design patterns, especially the rapid implementation of the re-launch on all products and packaging sizes of the Harz Grauhof was important.

Also the entire range of trading and sales marketing was revised by ad modum, including all POS measures, competitions, secondary offerings and trade promotions.

ATL we designed posters and city lights and so created a very positive overall appearance of the new brand image.

Even digitally the Harz Grauhof has now arrived in the third millennium!

In product development, AFG, we designed a new hip drink with the beautiful name Rotkehlchen: red, chili-hot and with a lot of ginger!

Nomen est omen! Or as we wrote it on the posters: A spicy red spray belongs in all mouth!

The development of product features, packaging design and label design is one of the supreme disciplines of our guild. Here’s another design reference, the Aspacher Klosterquelle, a daughter of the Harz Grauhofbrunnen – and one of the oldest mineral water in Germany, for which we designed the new label.

… of course, in this case, with full implementation for sales, trading and promotions for the end user.