OSV Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband

Sparkassen-Day 2011

If the VIPs meet on the “Sparkassen-Day” in the Potsdam conference hotel, the night turns into day – and vice versa. A celebratory get-together on the evening before with Max Raabe and all kinds of culinary delights, a highly concentrated congress the day after. Respect – a “normal” bank wouldn’t manage that!

ad modum took over the event design and implementation of the previous evening with a dinner and show act, the main day of the conference, as well as the women’s program.

On the “Sparkassen-Day 2011”, we were responsible for the design and implementation, as well as the artist selection, contract negotiations and for support to the table decorations and scheduling. The 300 invited guests enjoyed the event in a specially prepared tent in the garden of the congress hotel for this particular purpose.

Stylishly dressed walking acts were entertaining and led the guests through the night.

In addition to words of welcome and good food …

… Max Raabe was on stage as main act with his palace orchestra.

The main day of the Congress Hotel Potsdam: Stage design, coordination of the stage program, the speakers and the art, including live camera, was under the care of ad modum.

When he comes, nothing may go wrong: Matthias Platzeck as speaker of the main day.

The annual business report as an app.