Symrise AG

For all senses!

In the middle of Germany – evil tongues speak of the German Pampa – sits a real “hidden champion”, a world leader in all matters of taste and of smell, colour and sensory food.

But the Symrise AG in Holzminden produces not only the substances which later end up in a glass, a can or bottle of the big consumer goods companies, but also in perfumes, deodorants or detergents. Here are also very successful new ideas and concepts developed for the international customers and their markets. In mind always the motto of Muppet Labs, where the future is being made today. We are involved in many of these projects, but everything is still top secret. Like Muppet Lab.

The visualisation of product, packaging and flavour concepts is an essential part of our work for Symrise …

… and runs through every conceivable product ranges and categories, such as sweet, sour, salty, spicy or sharp.

So countless concepts, visualisations and mood boards were created in recent years that contribute efficiently to present the innovative Symrise developments lively for their respective customers.

This sweet invitation consist of premium ingredients: special colors, hot foil stamping, perforation, UV-vanish and blank stamping – a calorie-free feast for the senses.

We create posters and menu cards for the project “Symrise Food Court“ with which the company is presenting new ingredients for the international food service.