CPU 24/7

Remote and on demand – HPC resources unlimited

CPU 24/7 specialises in on-demand provision of high performance computing (HPC) systems and processing power for the industry and universities and for applications in science, research and development. All very complex – and very technical!

Therefore, we also designed an almost sensual corporate design and translate it consistently into all communication activities such as exhibition stands, brochures and corporate publishing.

Digital, functional and rational may also be emotional. As proven by our corporate design for CPU 24/7: from the logo on the letterhead and business cards to presentation templates, flyers and brochures. In addition, the website and electronic company profile – once the whole program.

For CPU 24/7 we also create an extensive magazine in German and Englisch twice a year: Concept, design, editing and production by ad modum.

Each magazine is 44 pages long – So here we could still offer to show some good editorials and twin inside pages …